Western Guitar School

Music is a universal language is considered to know no boundaries. If you have always wanted to pursue music as a professional career choice then “Western Guitar School” can become your ONE-STOP-SOLUTION. Our School is unique in a way that students get opportunity perform live. We have certified faculty Western Guitar School hands with trinity “Rock N Pop” Rock School UK ABRSM to provide certification.

Musical Genre

Rock, pop, metal, Indie rock, Folk rock, Art rock, Power pop, Alternative rock, Soul, Soul Swung, 60s pop, Glam rock, Swung, Blues rock, Garage rock, Classic rock, Funk, Grunge, Rock n Blues, Heavy rock, Hard rock, Funk, Funk rock, Funk metal, Rock n Roll, Latin, Progressive rock, Heavy metal, Jazz, Jazz Fusion, Rock Swung, Spacey Fusion, Atmospheric Groove, Mellow, Sad Emotional, Smoth Jazz, Instrument rock, Death metal, Dark metal, Black metal.

Acoustic & Electric Guitar

Acoustic Guitar, 12 String Acoustic Guitar Electric Guitar, Lead, Metal Riff