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    Western Guitar School strives to spread quality music education and skills, through a systematic and well-structured course curriculum.

    Western Guitar School (WGS), through its all-encompassing teaching approach, continues to raise the bar for innovative and professional guitar & vocal instruction. The courses cover a range of genres and styles including Rock, pop, metal, Indie rock, Folk rock, Art rock, Power pop, Alternative rock, Soul, Soul Swung, 60s pop, Glam rock, Swung, Blues rock, Garage rock, Classic rock, Funk, Grunge, Rock n Blues, Heavy rock, Hard rock, Funk, Funk rock, Funk metal, Rock n Roll, Latin, Progressive rock, Heavy metal, Jazz, Jazz Fusion, Rock Swung, Spacey Fusion, Atmospheric Groove, Mellow, Sad Emotional, Smoth Jazz, Instrument rock, Death metal, Dark metal, Black metal.